Thankful Thursday…A Gift For The Teachers We Love.

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It’s not secret how much our family loves teachers.  I’ve talked about it lots of times before, and sometimes I think our teachers might consider getting a restraining order because I love them a little too much.  But what ev’s .

It is Parent Teacher Conference week for our 3rd grader and we wanted to do something special for his teacher, especially considering that her already hectic work schedule was basically just doubled.  She has conferences Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before school and after school till 7 pm.  Add that to teaching 25 young, but often active and LOUD minds, as well as her own family and it makes me exhausted just to think about it.  We knew she could use some added encouragement as well as some added energy! (And some chocolate!)


This project couldn’t be easier.  You only need a few supplies to make the container and then you can fill it with whatever goodies you wish!

I have fallen in love with washi tape.  If you don’t know what it is, you need to figure it out!  It’s basically a waxy, paper tape that you can use in about a bajillion different ways.  Just search Washi Tape Projects on Pinterest and prepare for your mind to be blown.

Even better is the fact that our local Dollar Tree has been carrying Martha Stewart Wash Tape for $1.00.  Just as an aside, it brings my heart so much joy when I am at the Dollar Tree and people ask how much things cost because their isn’t a price tag. :)


You can use any combination of washi tape that your little heart desires.  Since it is getting close to Halloween, I decided to use orange and black.

The only other thing you are going to need is an empty cardboard drink carrier.  I get mine at McDonalds, but I am sure they have similar ones at other places.  Our McDonalds has them sitting by the drink machine.  I figure it costs $1.00 and then the large Iced Tea I get is just like a gift with purchase.


Once you have your drink carrier and your washi tape, you are ready to roll!  All you do is start wrapping the drink holder with the tape.  Told you it was easy, right?

I began with the top ridge of mine and folded the tape over the edges, knowing I was going to cover them up later but honestly, it wouldn’t matter if you started at the top or the bottom.



From there, just keep wrapping!  You can use one color for the whole thing, alternate like I did or do it anyway you want.


Originally I was going to stop and only do the bottom portion of mine, but I was having so much fun I kept going! I have done these before and added ribbon and buttons and stickers….like I’ve said, you can customize it anyway you want.

We filled our’s with some lotion, note cards and a note pad on one side and with an energy trail mix, some nuts and some candy on the other.  As you can see, Luke was very excited to be taking it to school this morning.


 Thank you teachers!  We love you. Like a love song.


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  • Angel the Alien

    I never heard of wash tape. And now that you’ve told me about it, it is probably a dangerous thing. I can’t wait to go raid the Dollar Tree!

    • hlpatterson


      I think you will LOVE it! They carry it at all the regular craft stores, usually in the scrapbooking section. I also find it often in the dollar bins at Joanne’s and Walmart in their scrapbooking section. It comes is so many fun colors and patterns! Good Luck!

  • Kristi Rieger Campbell

    Your skills and imagination are amazing! I love this!!! So much. I am so going to try it. I am horrible at crafts (except some, as in see my house for Halloween)…thanks huge!

    • hlpatterson

      Thanks, Kristi!

      I am sure you will be able to do it! The thing that I love about the washi tape is that you can preposition it a few times and it will stay sticky enough to hold.

      Plus, you don’t even really need scissors, it tears easily. Worst case scenario is you wrap it around the free drink carrier and you don’t like it and take it off and try again. Good luck, I know you will rock it :)

  • Candy

    What a cute idea! And so simple I bet even a bad crafter like me could do it. I’ll be showing this to my second grader. :)

    • hlpatterson

      Thanks, Candy!

      I am confident you will be able to do this. Be prepared for your 2nd grader to fall in love with washi tape. My 3rd grader has covered any and everything humanly possible in the stuff. His latest creation is covering his DSi in it :)