Fall Pinterest Party 2015

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PicMonkey Collage

There is a chill in the air, leaves are falling to the ground and all of the sudden my favorite ice creams all come in Pumpkin flavor.  That can only mean one thing…. it’s Fall Pinterest Party time!

Once again, a huge thank you to all of you who took the time to do the survey to help me pick the projects for this party.  By an overwhelming majority, the top two favorites were the Burlap Wreathes and the Thankful Photo Display.  I think you made excellent choices!  Both projects made a HUGE statement and will compliment not only your Fall decor, but you could really use them year round.

This year we are going to complete two bigger projects rather than a big one and two smaller ones.  Each project is really easy to put together but they each do take a little bit of time.  The party will be 4 hours each day, Saturday and Sunday, and I would say that you would be able to finish both projects in 2 1/2 to 3 hours, so if you have to come a little late or leave early, please don’t panic! 

Burlap Wreath Project

PicMonkey Collage burlap wreathsThe possibilities for this project are endless!  There are SO many ways that you can complete this project to match your own decorating style, whether you are making it for fall or to use year round!  This is the one that I made and I plan on using it all year!

IMG_6706One thing that I did learn recently is that there are many people who are allergic to burlap.  If you have worked with it much, you know that it has a tendency to “shed” everywhere and it always makes my eyes itch and water.  I was super bummed when my allergist told me that but then I found some really neat decorative mesh ribbons that very much resemble the look of burlap but contain way less of the jute material.  I will have a wide assortment of both materials, standard burlap and the mesh woven ribbon.  I will also have lots of add on decorations like ribbons, floral picks, silk leaves and flowers.  

Your wreath will be complete on a 14 inch wire frame and by the time you are done, you will have used around 20-25 yards of material!  I will have a large selection of natural colors of burlap and the fall colors. In the comment section of the RSVP, if you have an idea of what colors you will be using to make your wreath, let me know so I can make sure I have plenty of each.

Thankful Photo Display

d250660288e6b36369e24e9dde463fdfI love this project and I know you will, too!  I made this about a year ago and I have had so much fun changing out the pictures throughout the year.  One of the things that I think you will love most about this is that the letters are pre printed on a nice, heavy weight paper and all you have to do is cut them out!  I know that so many of you don’t like to hand letter things, so this works out perfectly!  

I have found 4 different styles of upholstery nails to use to nail the letters onto your board so you will get to pick the ones that best match your style. I will also have metal clips to use to attach your pictures or some really cute smaller clothes pins that can be painted or stained, the choice is yours.  In the interest of time, I have purchased the higher quality boards so that you will not have to spend time sanding them to prep them for paint or stain.  I was also able to find a really neat gray stain for this party, I know many of you asked for one last time. 

Your finished board will end up being 3 ft long and hold 7 photos.  You can hang it by a string like the one pictured or hang it from the wall with brackets. 

Now, for the details!

When: Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th from 2:00 – 6:00 pm

Where: Lafayette First Church of the Nazarene, 201 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway (across from Meijer)

Cost: $30.00 per set of project supplies (This is to complete both projects) 

What to bring:  Scissors and non perishable food items for Food Finders Food Bank 

As we all discovered last fall, 55 people crafting at once was more than our house could hold, so this year we are going to have the party at our church.  I will provide snacks and drinks and I am once again asking that you bring non perishable items to donate to Food Finder’s Food Bank.  Each pound of food collected represents one meal for a person in need and last year, we collected over 300 pounds!  I can’t wait to see what an impact we will be able to make in our community this year. 

Since we are going to be using our church space this year, we have plenty of room for your friends and family to join us.  Please share this will anyone whom you think would enjoy spending the day out getting to know some other crafty Pinterest ladies and creating something for their home that they can be proud of. 

Can’t wait to see you all soon! 



Spring Pinterest Party 2015

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pinterest party banner

April Showers Bring…. May Pinterest Parties!  

Saturday, May 16th & Sunday May 17th 
2:00 – 6:00 pm
$30.00 per set of 3 projects 
Once again, thank you SO much for helping me to pick the projects we will be completing at this party.  The votes from the last survey were really close, but these three projects got the most votes.  We are going to be a little ambitious this time by doing 3 large projects but I think it will work out perfectly because at least 2 of the projects involve painting so you will be able to be working on one project while you are waiting for the others to dry. 
I have not decided on the location for this party yet.  It will either be at my home or we will be using space at our church, I will wait and see how many people are coming before I set the location. 


Check Your Pockets Sign 



How fun is this?  I love this little sign to hang in the laundry room.  You will be given the base board to paint or stain in any color your little heart desires, the metal clamp and a variety of vintage mason jars to pick from.  I am so excited to also be providing the pre cut vinyl decals for this project, available in black and white vinyl.  I was able to purchase the cut file from the original creator of this sign, so yours can look JUST LIKE THIS without having to worry about your own handwriting skills.  Of course, if you would like a different saying, you can hand letter yours with paint or markers. 

Wooden Finial Picture Frame


I was so happy to see that all of you loved this frame project as much as I do.  Wouldn’t this make a great End of the Year Teacher’s gift?  You will be provided with all of the individual wooden pieces used to make this along with a variety of wooden decorative applique pieces to make yours unique.  You can also decide if you want to create yours with the large piece going horizontal or vertical, depending on the direction of the photo you want to display. 

String Art Project


This is one of the most popular projects I see pinned right now.  I am busy accumulating a wide variety of sizes and types of base wood for this project including some really neat old reclaimed wood.  As usual, you will be able to paint, stain and distress the base piece to match your style.  This is a project that you can really use your creativity on.  The picture above is of a heart, but you can make yours ANYTHING you want.  I will have lots of shape stencils and letter stencils or you can free hand your own design.  I will also have several options for string and yarn.

As always, please feel free to share this invite with anyone that you think might be interested. 


To Hear Autism Speak: World Autism Awareness Day 2015

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Today is World Autism Awareness Day, but to the families of the 700,000+ people around the world with Autism, it’s just Thursday.  

For those of us who live the life of the 1 in 68, we don’t need to be made more aware.  Today people will speak of us and to us and some, like Autism Speaks, will even try to speak for us.  Blue lights will be flipped on and money will be raised and a call to action will be repeated, and to be honest, even though my whole heart disagrees with those like Suzanne Wright, we will gladly accept the spotlight, even if it’s just for a few hours in the middle of our week.

But to us, it will still just be a Thursday.  A day that will be full of struggles, oh believe me we will struggle, but it will also be full of so many incredible successes.  And my hope is that instead of listening to someone try to speak for Autism, we would be able to hear Autism speak.

On this Thursday, somewhere, because of the work of parents and therapists and people who have devoted their whole lives to helping an autistic child to find their voice, a parent will hear their child speak for the very first time.  And still others won’t.  There are parent’s all over who will never give up hope that those words will come, but who will move forward anyway, constantly finding new ways to connect with their kids.  For those parents, the celebrating might not come on this Thursday, but it will come.

Today in Autism centers and public schools and living rooms, a child on the spectrum will do something that they couldn’t do on Tuesday and while others who haven’t experienced a child with autism might look on and feel saddened by how long it has taken or overwhelmed by the long list of all the things that child still can’t do, those parents will celebrate.  And there will still be more work to be done.  More milestones to achieve.  There will always be more that can be done, but we don’t measure our lives by how far we still have to go, but by how far we have come.

Today, a teenager on the spectrum will sit around a lunch table at school and laugh and make jokes and do all the things that teenagers do.  It will be harder for them than other kids, having to concentrate on making sure they are noticing the social cues and figuring out when to speak and when to listen, but they will do it.  And tonight at the dinner table, just like lots of other teenagers, they won’t gush on and on about it, but the evidence of their success will be written on their face.

This Thursday, just like the ones before, will be filled with high fives and hugs and stickers on behavior charts and smiles. Facebook messages and Instagram pictures and Skype’s will go out all around this big round globe by parents who don’t want you to recognize us on this day for missing pieces to an already broken puzzle, but who want to shout about their kid’s accomplishments from the roof tops.  

And, if even for even just a few seconds, all of us who have been there will stand up on our chairs and we will cheer and clap and celebrate with them. Just like they say it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to raise a child with Autism and in this village, we celebrate often.

I guess I can understand why someone like Suzanne Wright would think that our situations are bleak. That we are broken.  That as parents we feel only despair.  I guess I can understand why she would speak of our kids as those who are hopelessly lost, those who are gravely ill.  I guess that maybe it’s just that in trying to lead Autism Speaks, she forgot to listen.

On this Thursday, Autism will speak.  

It will speak of celebrations and victories and milestones and dreams that even the most brilliant of minds couldn’t fathom.  It will speak of stories of children and teenagers and adults who will never, ever accept that different means less than or not enough of. It will speak of community.  It will speak of passion.  It will speak with a voice that can be heard and with a voice that sometimes can only sometimes be seen.

To the rest of the world who looks on, thank you for seeing us today.  Thank you for taking a second to stop and notice us for all the things that we are.  And maybe tomorrow, when the blue lights have been turned off and the world is on to recognizing someone else on their special day, come and sit with us awhile.  Spend some time with us out of the spotlight because, after all, our kids don’t need it to shine.

Growth Chart Pinterest Party

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PicMonkey Collage growth chart

There is nothing I love more than creating handmade items for my own kids as well as to give as gifts and I think this Growth Chart project is so precious!

I first saw it in the Potter Barn Kids catalog and thought it was so sweet…..until I saw the cost.  download (4)

$99.00.  Is this real life?  

Not long after, I began seeing DIY versions pop up on Pinterest and after talking to so many of y’all at the Christmas Pinterest party, I knew this HAD to be a project that we did.  



I promise you, you will not believe how easy it is to put this together and to really personalize it towards your own decor.  As usual, I will have tons of different paint colors and stains so you can create to your hearts content.  All you need to bring is your sweet self!

While the project is easy to do, it does require a lot of working space per person so this party will be held at Lafayette First Church of the Nazarene so we can spread out.  It is located at 201 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway, right across the street from Meijer.

Also, I am asking everyone that comes to bring a baby board book or similar book for infants and toddlers.  I work with an amazing agency who’s goal is to strengthen parents and families and one of the ways we do that is through encouraging parents to read to their infants.  It may seem like so an easy thing for some of us, but for a mom that does not have access to books, it is very challenging.  The books can be new or very gently used.


Please feel free to share this invite with anyone you think would be interested. I can’t wait to spend the day crafting with you!

You can RSVP using the form below:


1 2 3 30